Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spirit Blossom #1

This is the first "Spirit Blossom" I designed. Incorporated into its composition are two of my many favorite quotations. The first quotation is "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"-Pablo Picasso. The second quotation "Nature is God's art" (-Author unknown) is not clearly visible in these photographs.

I intended these art pieces to become a statement of life incorporationg the natural beauty of the gourd with the intrinsic beauty of the spirit. My drawings were inspired by traditional floral designs and motifs illustrated by Madeleine Orban Szontagh.

In one manner of Indian gourd decoration, there is often a "spirit line". Such a line is made to insure there is a positive flow of energy from the spirit world to the world of mankind. In this art piece the "spirit line" begins at the base of the gourd, flows through the floral designs, and then enters the interior of the gourd through the opening at the top. Drawing on such a natural surface as this gourd brought a new earthiness into my art life and enabled my own personal spirit to fly.